International Trade of Arms: A Network Approach

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International Trade of Arms: A Network Approach

Welcome to the website for the DFG Project "International Arms Trade: A Network Approach".

This project is granted by the German Research Foundation (DFG) since  2016. Principal investigators are Göran Kauermann (KA 1188/10-1) and Paul W. Thurner (TH 697/9-1).

On our website you will find general information about the project's aim and objectives and the current working papers and publications. In addition, this website introduces you to our team and the partners we work with. Please refer to the contacts page if you would like to get in touch with us.



A new paper, concerned with a regression-framework that allows for reconstructing networks is available now on arXiv.



Upcoming Talk at the International Workshop on Statistical Modelling 2019 on "Regression-based Network Reconstruction with Nodal and Dyadic Covariates".



Upcoming Talk at the DAGSTAT Conference 2019 on Friday 22/03/2019 in the Network Session on "Regression-based Network Reconstruction with Nodal and Dyadic Covariates".



A new paper, related to the "forensic" analysis of small arms trading is available now on arxiv.


We welcome Cornelius Fritz as a new member in the group.



Invitiation to give a talk about International Arms Trade at the Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin in January 8 (part of the Economic Risk Seminar of the Ladislaus von Bortkiewicz Chair of statistics)



Just accepted: Michael Lebacher, Paul W. Thurner and Göran Kauermann (2018): Exploring Dependence Structures in the International Arms Trade Network: A Network Autocorrelation Approach. To appear in Statistical Modelling



Just published: Thurner, Paul W., Christian Schmid, Skyler Cranmer and Goeran Kauermann, 2018: Network Interdependencies and the Evolution of International Arms Trade. Online First: Journal of Conflict Resolution (link)



Talk at the COSTNET18 conference in Warsaw, Thursday, September 27 on The Trade Network of Firearms and Ammunition: A Censored Regression Model with Endogenous Network Effects.



Best Student Talk award at the 33rd International Workshop on Statistical Modelling held in Bristol for the presentation on International Arms Transfers: A Dynamic Separable Network Model With Heterogeneity Components.



New accepted talk on international arms trade at the Statistische Woche in Linz (part of the Semiparametric Regression Models topics session).



New accepted talks on international arms trade in the coming months at the IWSM in Bristol and the Nachwuchsworkshop of the German Statistical Societey in Linz.



Together with the German Statistical Society (DStatG) we are organizing a workshop on Statistical Network Data Analysis at LMU Munich in September 20, 2018. See here for more information or directly contact us via mail



The Physics ArXiv Blog comments on our research on international arms trade: Data mining reveals the changing patterns of international arms trade 



Two new publications available on arXiv. See Research and Publications